7 Mistakes Companies Must Avoid When Hiring a Copywriter

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Writing is a big part of business marketing. In fact, the list of things that require this skill is almost endless. From website landing pages and blogs to social media posts and ads, every business needs well-written content in order to get ahead in the game.

Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs have the time to write their own ads and website content personally. As the leader of the organization, there is a chance that they have more important things to do than sit in front of their laptop, crunching words away to produce a good blog for their company.

This is where expert freelance copywriters come in. Whether you are not well-versed in copywriting or simply don’t have the time for it, you must make sure that you get the best person to do this crucial task for you. To make that happen, you must avoid these seven common mistakes companies make when hiring copywriters:

Not Knowing What You Want

Not all copywriters are the same. Some work in the business niche; others perform better in more casual, lifestyle-related articles. Because there are so many out there, it can be difficult to choose, especially if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for.

To determine what you need, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want them to do?
  • What does my product offer that the competitors don’t?

By answering these questions, you allow yourself to envision the direction your company is heading. Only when you have all this information will you be able to choose the right person for the job.

Forgoing Sample Articles

One of the best ways to ascertain a writer’s qualifications is through sample articles. These pieces provide a glimpse of what the writer has to offer, his writing prowess, and his experience in different niches. It also shows how well they can research a topic, how flexible they are, and how engaging the content they make is.

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Of course, asking for samples is only half of the task – you must also review it. Doing so will help you make an informed decision on who to hire as your copywriter without blindly gambling the future of your company.

Making the Process a Bidding War

When you decide to outsource your writing needs, the difference between content written by a professional copywriter and an amateur writer will become more apparent. However, you won’t get to see this distinction if you make your hiring process a bidding war and pick the person who has the lowest rate.

Remember that writers who offer their services for very low rates may not have the skills to match your expectations. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so make sure that you offer a good pay in order to get the high-quality of work you want.

At the end of the day, getting written output that requires you to spend your precious time editing defeats the very purpose of you hiring a writer for the job.

Letting Obvious Grammatical Errors Slide

If you want good quality work, you must never overlook glaring grammatical errors in the sample articles you get. In fact, you shouldn’t ignore even those “harmless” spelling mistakes, awkward syntax, and bad punctuation when a candidate is communicating with you. If these errors are consistently appearing during your email and chat exchanges, chances are that they will also plague the written content you receive. We all know that content is the most important part of search engine optimization.

Not Checking References

After you determine that a writer is skilled in his craft, the next thing you need to do is look for references. References are a great way to determine not just a writer’s skills but his ability to work with others as well. His past clients who have experienced working with him first-hand will help you discern whether the writer can fit well in your company culture and organizational setup.

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Forgoing a Contract

No matter how short the project may be, it will do you good to have a contract signed. This will protect you from people who are only seeking to take your money without working for it and avoid troublesome arguments about deadlines, extra research, and meetings.

This document should include all the details both you and the writer agree on. This way, you are ensured that your transaction goes smoothly.

Not Paying What the Work is Worth

A writer’s fee reflects how his own regard for his skills and experience. It also encompasses the amount of effort he will put in the work. This is why decent writers charge relatively higher prices for tasks that require additional research, particularly for more technical niches that are relatively new.

As mentioned earlier, cheap work doesn’t necessarily yield good output. In most cases, low-priced articles are also of low quality. Keep in mind that a killer copy is always worth every penny.

Also, excellent copywriters are always in demand, so hiring one means you have to compete with other clients who are willing to pay for his ability to create content that converts. Like nearly everything in this world, you must be willing to pay the price to get your company website on the top of the search engine results page.

The Power of Written Content

If you understand the power of written content, you must know the value of a great copywriter. To make sure that you don’t fall into the pit of cheap-but-low-quality write-ups, avoid making these mistakes at all costs.



Hisham Wyne is an award-winning copywriter, brand consultant and content creator based in Dubai. He has over a decade’s expe­rience in helping brands get their messages right. From crisp web copy and zippy brochures to in-depth company profiles and analyt­ical annual reports, Hisham makes words work for you – so you can sell better, gain visibility, and give your brand a unique voice.


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