What to Ask an Immigration Lawyer if you are a Businessperson

Ask an Immigration Lawyer

Being an immigrant interested in establishing a business requires complex steps – from making plans, setting up finances, meeting new people, and asking help from different professionals. Thus, seeking help first from an immigration lawyer is the most brilliant move you’ll ever make. let’s see what to ask an immigration lawyer if you are a businessperson.

An immigration lawyer can easily explain how to start a business as an immigrant, answer all your business-related law questions, and establish appropriate referrals for the success of your business. Most importantly, immigration lawyers are the best persons to prevent or minimize the risks you will possibly face along the way.

When meeting your immigration lawyer for the first time, you might feel anxious or nervous so the best thing to do is to prepare some questions in mind.

What company structure is best for immigrants?

Choosing the appropriate business structure is vital as not all types of businesses are allowed for non-citizens of the United States. Usually, immigrant businesspersons choose corporations or limited liability companies (LLC). It is crucial to choose the right company structure as this will affect how your business is owned, managed, and taxed accordingly.

Where can I establish my business, and what type of visa is allowed?

Being a U.S. citizen is technically not required in establishing a business as an immigrant – the primary purpose of getting a visa is for employment purposes in the long run. There are a lot of business-related visa options for business-oriented immigrants. An immigration lawyer would be the best person to ask about these. However, the state of choice plays a significant factor in your future business as business laws can vary per state.

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How can I name my business?

In choosing a business name in the United States, many possible lawsuits can be filed against you. Every state has regulations about establishing names that new business entities can use. There are also trademark protection criteria if you think of planning to trademark your business name. An immigration lawyer can explain this to you.

What is an operating agreement?

An operating agreement or bylaws is a document that provides important guidelines for operating your business like decision making, ownership regulations, shareholder agreements, and issuance of shares of stocks. Your lawyer can assist you with preparing.

What contracts do I need for my business?

Preparing the right contracts protects your business against all possible lawsuits. Your business might need some of these contracts for routine and major transactions, leases, or employment relationships. An immigration lawyer should always assist you to review these contracts.

How do I control my risks?

Different federal and state employment laws protect businesses in the U.S.. You might probably be unaware of them now. Federal laws include anti-discrimination laws, health and safety regulations, salary system, and more. State laws may consist of the minimum standard wage regulation, employment of other immigrants, and more. Consult your immigration lawyer to control your risks.


Make it a habit to seek business-related legal advice from an immigration lawyer to ensure that you are on the right track. Consult an immigration lawyer today!


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