Benefits of Upgrading to a Wireless Mesh Network: Unlocking Superior Signal Strength

Upgrading to Wireless Mesh

When you just have one wireless router, the weaker the internet connection becomes the more away a device is from that signal. Because Wi-Fi is generated from a single location, it can easily be hampered by objects such as a solid block wall, a large piece of furniture, or a microwave (which can use the same frequency as Wi-Fi).

You’ve also got just a single point of failure. If that router goes down, your entire internet is down. Mesh networks can offer a wide range of benefits and help solve these challenges. Before we get into the benefits of mesh networks, let’s get to know what they are.

What is a Mesh Network?

Have you ever heard of the saying “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket?” In case you have not, it simply means, does not concentrate all your efforts into one area as you could lose everything and have no other possibilities if things go wrong. Well, this is, in a broad sense, what a mesh network entails. In a less analogical and more technical viewpoint, a mesh network is an infrastructure of nodes that are wirelessly connected to each other. These nodes piggyback off each other to extend a radio signal route, relay, and proxy traffic to/from clients. Each node spreads the radio signal a little further than the last minimizing the possibility of dead zones.

The components of a Mesh Network include:

  • Gateway: Devices that allow you to pass messages between networks. These devices provide a backhaul to the internet from the local mesh network.
  • Repeater: Devices that forward messages between end devices in a mesh network.
  • End Point: End devices are mesh-only devices that do not route messages for other devices in the network.
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Benefits of Upgrading to a Wireless Mesh Networ

1. No One Point of Failure

When you have multiple internet connection nodes, you eliminate the issue with a single point of failure that you have with a single router setup. If one of the mesh nodes goes down, the others pick up the slack and keep you connected. As long as you still have an internet connection coming from the modem, you can stay online while getting the down node repaired or rebooted.

2. Better Signal Reach of Your Network

The beauty of a mesh network is that it’s expandable affordably. If you need Wi-Fi to reach a far corner office or out to your garage, just add another node and connect it to the others. Each node will come with a certain area of signal reach, allowing you to remove any weak zones or dead spots when it comes to your Wi-Fi, and even expand into outdoor areas using a node designed for outside use.

3. Better Multiple Device Handling

Because devices don’t all have to connect to the same single router, a mesh network handles multiple devices much better, ensuring each gets the bandwidth they need. If one node is getting overcrowded, the mesh system can even automatically switch a device to another less crowded node without the user dropping any connections.

4. Less Interference

Solid walls and other potential areas of interference for a single router signal are no longer a problem if you have a mesh network. Each node is connected to another creating a huge internet web, so signals each easily moves around potential solid barriers and keeps users connected with a strong and reliable connection.

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5. Self-Configuring

Mesh network nodes are designed to be easy to use and self-configuring. They connect to the other nodes automatically and all can adjust to any potential problems, like one node going offline. They’re designed to be fluid and keep in continuous contact with each other, your modem, and your devices.

6. Place Anywhere

Wireless mesh nodes are designed to be easy to place anywhere you need to. They are roughly the size of a coffee thermos or large mug and can be placed on trade, mounted on walls, and easily moved to accommodate your home or office needs.

In conclusion, a wireless mesh network offers a lot of benefits. With a wireless mesh network, you’ll be able to get a better signal strength. In addition, you will also eliminate the issue with a single point of failure. Therefore, every business must consider upgrading to a wireless mesh network.

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