The Big Blog Strategy for More (and Better) Traffic

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Strategies that drive organic traffic efficiently and are also adaptive to ever-changing ranking algorithms are the holy grails of digital marketing. If you do stumble upon one, you need to make it a constant. As it so happens, there is almost all the big blog strategy use to drive traffic.

Big Blog Strategy has worked the same throughout the changes in algorithms of search engines and social platforms. It doesn’t take a hit on your budget. It gets more efficient in cluttered environments filled to the brim with content. And this article is not written by someone in a parallel universe where driving traffic is easy.

Big Blog Strategy is to optimize your content for social sharing. Make your content irresistible for your audience and influencers to share. And then, let your readers do the work for you. The big blog strategy relies solely on human engagement which is why its efficiency never blows out with changes in search engines and social media platforms.

It is also through me why the big blogs are the only ones that use it the most. You don’t need to be “big” to implement social sharing techniques effectively. You just need to be attentive and creative.

Before You Start

Much like any content marketing strategy ever, you need to align your social sharing optimization tactics with your content goals. Here are some of the questions that you need to answer before you get started with social sharing optimization:

  • What message do you want your content to bear for the audience?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What type of content relevant to your organization, niche, or industry has the capability of encouraging readers to share?
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Only after these three questions will you be able to truly align your optimization techniques with your content goals. Working just for the sake of greater audience attention without thinking about your content goals can be disastrous.

The Social Sharing Checklist

Once you are set with your content goals, here are some things to keep in mind that help in making your content irresistible to share.

1. Keep the Influencers in Mind

The big blogs, as we call them, understand the reason behind influencers sharing a piece of content while turning down the other. They know that influencers are always on the lookout for high-quality content to share with their audience.

This is what drives the web publications with large audience bases to produce influential content. They make their content more appealing to share for the influencers. They create content experiences that the influencers would like to share with their audiences.

Now as we study the methods of the big blogs, we also need to keep in mind that they are also a great opportunity for getting a stream of new visitors. Find blogs with a decent audience base and see if their content goals and objectives align with yours.

So, optimize your content for sharing. Reach out to the relevant influencers and blogs and ask if they like your work and find it useful for their consumers. And see what social sharing optimization does to your traffic.

2. Provide Good Content Experiences

Why do you share a good meme? Primarily because it makes you look and feel humorous. Similarly, sharing a great blog article makes you look and feel smart. So, good and sharable content experiences add to the image that your audience likes to have.

Content consumption, more specifically social sharing, can be thought of as a business that the audience does with you. They invest their time in consuming your content and sharing it which adds to their image. Social sharing optimization is all about holding your end of this business.

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For that, your content experience needs to be tight. There are three ways you can provide good content experiences- unique, valuable, and interesting content. Providing valuable content that is unique and is also utterly engaging is bound to get a lot of shares.

3. Keep the Platform Tidy

The shareability of content doesn’t just depend on the content experience but also on the overall user experience. To ensure that your audience and influencers share the content pieces you need to put thought into the website design, content recommendations, loading time as well.

Your website must convey its relevance and reliability the second the visitor arrives. It must have promising and strong headlines that promise useful and interesting things to browse. Make sure that the user doesn’t experience a hint of hassle in navigating.

In conclusion, social sharing can be really helpful and efficient. Just optimize your content for shareability by providing great content and user experiences. Ask your audience to spread the word about your content. When you have a piece of content perfect for an influencer to share, let them know about it.

Author Bio: Shriya Garg is the founder of ContentNinja – an inbound marketing firm and Hubspot partner in India, who always happens to go back to her roots as a finance professional. Being good with numbers, she loves educating her team members on personal finance, investment, and other things they don’t teach at school.

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