6 Travel Hacks Every Parent Should Know

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Are you a new parent & soon going on holiday with your child? OR Are you finally planning the long-awaited vacation with your kids? Then, you are certainly in the right place!

The thought of traveling with kids often makes a parent worried. Though it may sometimes seem hard and difficult to manage, traveling with your little ones can be fun too. From the car roof racks to the first aids, from food to plenty of T-Shirts, everything should be organized well in advance to avoid the last minute hurry. If planned well, every journey with your kids will be a hassle-free memory of a lifetime. Since your young ones need extra attention, these useful hacks will save your time and make your travel memories unmatchable.

  1. The stroller story!

If your child needs a stroller, then make sure to carry a good one with you while traveling. A well made and light-weight stroller can be handy for such purposes. The stroller alone can be difficult to carry if you are traveling a large distance or traveling via plane. In such a case, you can consider carrying a stroller cum luggage bag. It can be used both as a luggage bag and can be converted into a stroller anytime conveniently. This will save you from those additional weights fulfilling both your needs in less space and effort!

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  1. Chocolates are bae.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s favorite chocolate box during your travel. You never know when your child will cry in public or show innocent tantrums! Open the box, let your little one have some, and voila! Convert those teary moments into all smiles. You can also open your chocolate box in flights or long drives for a quick bite among the elders.

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  1. Inflatable cushion to the rescue.

Flights can be tiresome and exhausting for children. If you are traveling by plane, then carrying an inflatable cushion will be a brilliant solution. Such a cushion will properly fill up the space of the flight seat and allow your kid to rest comfortably. Your child will be able to feel at ease, fall asleep and even have fun during the journey. Such cushions are not spacious enough and hence, you can easily carry them along.

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  1. Multi-task with the coffee maker.

Food of a new place sometimes can be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget and want to save a few extra bucks, you can prepare at least one meal in your hotel room itself. Almost all the hotels have a coffee maker. Be it boiling water for your child in the morning or preparing a quick, light meal late at night for your teens, you can multiuse this device according to your convenience. Make sure you bring adequate instant cooking snacks to serve the purpose.

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  1. Let your child keep the information.

Travelling to crowded places is always a matter of concern for parents. Especially with young kids, it also comes with the fear of separation. Always make sure to give your children all the related information regarding your hotel address, mobile phone numbers etc beforehand. If your child is too young, make sure she wears an info bracelet or a skin-friendly, temporary tattoo before going out. Alongside, always give your children an information card containing all the emergency details. If any sudden, unwanted separation occurs, this will help them be safe and get connected with you.

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  1. Bring comfy clothes.

This may sound quite obvious, but people often tend to forget about the ‘comfort’ factor in choosing clothes for their vacations. Be it long flights, extended road drives or seeing sites – nothing is ever fulfilling for your child if the right clothes are not opted for. While traveling with your kids, make sure to pack some extra pair of pants, shirts or other casual attires in your luggage. It is always essential to carry enough clothes for your child as your little ones may need them while enjoying the priceless moments along the journey! In addition, you will want to bring comfortable clothes for yourself. Although having a three piece suit is essential to any dress wardrobe, it will not be necessary in this case.

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It is also important to carry first aids & relevant medicines for health emergencies. Children at a tender age often face various dental issues too. Since these may be painful if occurred and even amplify during a journey, it is important to keep the necessary medicines handy for any such emergencies.

Travels can be precious, fun and exciting with your child if you pay attention to all these aspects. As any trip needs planning, it is always advisable to make a list of your essentials and start the packing well in advance to avoid missing out things later. With a little patience, organization, and help, your travels with your children will be joyous, heartwarming and blessed.

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