What to do if HP Printer does not print using windows 10 ?

What to do if HP Printer does not print using windows 10 ?

As per a leading website based on technology any user who owns an HP printer can utilise the below steps to setup HP printer so that it works with windows 10 easily. As soon as you sync the HP printer the windows pc will download the updated driver for the Hp printer not printing on its own. Please open the settings for control panel choose to click on change the installation device settings.

In the device installation settings window click on yes option and then click save changes. Please ensure your Hp printer is connected to the computer before you begin driver installation. You can either connect it with a USB connection or you can connect it with a wireless connection.

Please ensure your Hp printer is on and connected to an active internet connection that was the main reason hp printer not printing. Connect those Hp printer which is not printing to your PC via the USB port and cable. The message on the window is displayed as a new hardware device is found. Then to test whether the Hp printer is connected securely please give a test print command.

If the Hp printer prints properly this means the driver is installed correctly. In case you are unable to give a print command and get a test print. You need to add a built in driver for the printer click on control panel in settings then choose devices and Hp printers select add printer select the Hp printer from the drop down list. If the Hp printer not printer and listed on the list select add a local Hp printer to the pc.

Click the option next and select the port connected to the USB. Then click on next. Click option to update windows please wait for the Hp printer driver to update. Click HP printer from the Manufacture pane. In case the Hp printer is already listed please click on next and install the driver. If the Hp printer not Printing listed select the option with add Hp printer with TCP/IP address and hostname.

Now select the auto detect option from the menu. Please type the IP address for the same. In wireless or wired network use the same steps to add the Hp printer once the Hp printer is added update the device with the driver for smooth functioning.

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How do you view the Ink levels with the built in driver:

The built in driver assists you to check the Hp printer ink levels through the control panel. The test page printed from the Hp printer not printing also depicts the ink levels. This is a good way to keep the ink levels in check for each other.

How do you add a local printer to windows 10?

Adding a local Hp printer is very simple and easy you can follow the below steps to add your printer to your computer. Please connect the Hp printer to your PC with a USB then turn it on after that printer didn’t show hp printer not printing issue. Now open the settings app for click on devices now click on Hp printer and scanners select the option add Hp printer or scanner. If the system recognises your printer please finish the installation process.

How is the printer driver made available for usage?

Open the control panel, now choose the option hardware and sound click Hp printers right click the option of Hp printer whose driver needs to be installed in your system. Click the properties option now click the advanced settings option. Click the new driver tab now install the driver.

What are the common errors occurring in the HP printer?

Windows explorer has encountered a problem please end task we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. This error means that the Hp printer driver installed is an old version not the updated one.

Spoolv.exe has encountered a problem, we need to close, we regret the inconvenience caused. This error occurs when the Hp printer driver is not compatible with the windows operating system.

The only way to fix the errors is to update and download the latest version of the Hp printer driver which is compatible with your machine. To set a default printer the option called let windows manage my default Hp printer be on this will be able to configure the local Hp printer which is right now available in the current location and the one that is mostly used.

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Once the default printer is set its going to select the same printer will be selected each time you would like to print unless and until the Hp printer is selected and another one is installed.

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Advantages of an HP Printer :

  • The HP printer prints photos media files and other important documentation.
  • It allows you to do heavy duty and bulk printing wherever required.
  • If as a user you are unable to print recalibrate the hp printer after installing the cartridge.
  • Paper alignment is also essential for printing.
  • HP printer provides high quality prints.
  • While printing photos the quality can be enhanced by using maximum DPI.
  • Good output in black and coloured ink.
  • The higher the resolution the better it is to print.
  • HP printer offers to print both remotely and through the USB cable.
  • HP Smart app also assists people to print timely.
  • HP printers offer advanced technology and are user friendly in nature.
  • HP Laser printers are more efficient in printing.
  • The best part about these printers is that they are user friendly in nature.
  • HP offers a wide variety for customised printing solutions which caters to each and every industry.
  • These advantages make hp printers a customer’s most preferred product.


HP printers have customised printing solutions for a wide variety of customers. All leading websites and informative Youtube videos enable the user to not only setup the printer but also effectively use it whenever in need. Gone are the days that hp printers were so cumbersome to use by people of all ages and came with physical manuals which were filled with IT Jargons.

The key focus of HP as an organization is to provide customised and easy to use printing solutions to customers of all age groups. Even without inviting an IT engineer at your place or work place you can setup and use the hp printer by yourself by view the available tutorials for installing and setting up a hp printer.


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