A Guide to Interior Door Design in Winnetka

A house’s overall design depends on a wide range of factors. Its interiors play a significant role in the way a house looks as soon as someone enters it. Interiors include wall colors, furniture, decor, and the door design chosen to put a house’s design together.

Many homeowners struggle to differentiate between various interior door designs and how they must be incorporated within a house according to its size, theme, and colors. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a quick guide to interior door designs and how you can employ them to amplify your home in Winnetka.

Double Doors to Add Space

One of the most basic interior door designs includes the installation of double doors. As the term suggests, double doors consist of two doors connected in the middle of a prominent frame. These doors can either be bi-fold doors, sliding doors, or hinged doors.

These doors play a significant role in adding more space to a room or area and making it look bigger than it already is. Homeowners looking for interiors doors to add sophisticated and gracious entryways into their house’s design can benefit from double doors.

It’s crucial to think about the areas where double doors would look the best. These include the dining room, the master bedroom, the front entryway, or other similar prominent areas where these doors will create a lasting impression.

French Doors for a Luxurious Touch

If you’re all about luxury and minimalism with a touch of the statement, French doors are right up your alley. French doors almost work the same way as double doors. However, they’re far more extravagant, charming, and breathtaking due to their massive panels, subtle glaze, and overall sophisticated look.

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Door manufacturers create French doors with an intricate technique to fill their panels with premium-quality glass. While most French doors are popular in materials like iron, steel, and glass, many homeowners also choose wood as a material option for their french doors.

The best part about French doors is that they look equally incredible in both indoor and outdoor spaces. In other words, you can use French doors for your bedroom or your patio’s entryway simultaneously without the house’s interior and design looking unusual.

According to leading interior designs, French doors work the best for house spaces like home offices, bedrooms, guest rooms, and playrooms.

Louvered Doors for Laundry Rooms

Many homeowners struggle to choose door designs for spaces like laundry rooms and attics in houses. These are the least-visited areas in a house. Despite being out of sight, their entryways play a significant role in putting together a house’s overall design.

Louvered doors are excellent interior door choices for such rooms. These are small doors with horizontal slats to help homeowners perform tasks like laundry and engage in storage for clothes conveniently. These doors have a relatively casual look than luxurious French doors or double doors.

Therefore, it’s always a better idea to incorporate them in laundry rooms and similar areas instead of the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and similar spaces.

Panel Doors for a Classic Interior

If you’re all about the classic house design with traditional doors, you can always rely on paneled doors. In other words, if you’re comfortable with door hinges, paneled doors are excellent choices for you. These doors offer the perfect balance between tradition and versatility.

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Paneled doors come with single or double hinges and rails. The rails and stiles included in these doors create a panel-like effect. Your door manufacturers can make the best use of molding and similar techniques to decorate these panels according to your liking. The best part about panel doors is that they work perfectly with most home types.


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