7 Tips to Improve Your SEO Positioning in B2B

7 Tips to Improve Your SEO Positioning in B2B

The SEO positioning with help of SEO Services in Noida remains one of the keys to increase traffic to our tools Web. Having greater visibility than the competition gives us a reputation, visits to our website, and ultimately, greater sales of our services and products.

1. Observe the competition.

When we start from 0 with our positioning strategy, we must analyze what our competition has done so far. Take advantage of the time they have invested in positioning their services to see where they are strong, how they are positioned, see the weak points they have and improve our positioning. Researching what keywords our target audience is looking for is paramount.

To analyze very well what Keywords the competition uses and which ones we would like to use to differentiate ourselves from them. See if it is worth the effort to use our time to position words that are already used, or use other Keywords that are less used but with which we could gain a higher visit rate.

2. Use semantics in our Keywords.

7 Tips to Improve Your SEO Positioning in B2B

Google’s new algorithm emphasizes semantics to understand keywords and position ourselves. We must keep in mind that Google has been created by people, and therefore, we must position ourselves in the face of Google’s robots in a way that anyone could understand us. We must take into account aspects of the meaning, meaning or interpretation of all our words, expressions or formal representations, just like any manager of an employer to find the service or product you need.

3. Clean our HTML code.

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We must simplify our HTML code so that Google robots easily interpret the content of our site. Also, use CSS style sheets to simplify fonts and different styles externally to our HTML content. At this point, if we do not have programming knowledge, it could be somewhat complex. If we have a web programmer in the company, it will be much easier to apply the recommendations.

4. Avoid creating content in what format.

The robots of Google have trouble reading and index files containing languages such as Javascript, Flash, buttons, popups, etc. Let’s try to use a more friendly code language as another factor that positions us positively. Google just doesn’t want to read it or it bothers you. Previously it was very attractive to have flash animations on our corporate page, but today it is preferable to opt for other priorities.

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5. File size.

7 Tips to Improve Your SEO Positioning in B2B

We must keep in mind that search robots have problems reading files that weigh more than 150kb due to the extra time they need to read them. This could penalize us at the time of positioning. We must expedite the search for robots on our site.

6. Use our content to position ourselves.

We must design our text and image content so that it also positions us like any other element. Use the titles and headings H1, H2 with the keywords we want to position. Take advantage of the Bold, Italic, or Underlined Text to accentuate our keywords in the text. Google will give greater importance to these words and allow us to position ourselves better.

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Likewise, we must name the title of our images with the words or keywords we want, make sure they all contain an attribute (ALT) that helps us position ourselves, and offer an alternative text also in tune with our positioning. Use the same idea with hyperlinks, use keywords in the link, and also use them in your tags to continue focusing our keywords.

7. Avoid hidden text, copied or duplicate text, and avoid repeating the Keywords.

In the same way that we perform a series of tactics to position ourselves, we must also avoid doing some others, such as putting hidden text (putting a text full of Keywords with a color equal to the background to make it invisible). Avoid copying text from other websites: Google does not like to find plagiarized or copied text, and avoid repeating the Keywords in the written text over and over again as a way to position yourself. We must seek the balance no more than 6 – 8% of the full text.

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