The Latest Trends of SEO In The Year 2019

The Latest Trends of SEO In The Year 2019

A happy new year to all of you! It’s a New Year and with the New Year comes new strategies. Yes absolutely you have guessed right, strategies for the online retailers and business.

A buzz has been created in last few years with the SEO or search engine optimization. Different strategies has been tried and followed by Google to optimize the web pages and rank them. Well every time something new has been added and followed to get better result.

This year too the trend is going to change. You have to reform the old strategies and create a newer one. I will be discussing about the new strategies of the year 2019 which can help you more for web visibility.

A New term in New Year

A new term has been added to the result of the search query- RankBrain. Now what is it and how can it help me?

RankBrain is a system interacting with the users based on their search results. Thus it is helping Google to sort the search results. A boost is being given by Google to the web page that users are finding useful and ranks it higher. It’s simple and based on the usefulness of the web information. Whether you are reading an article or bouncing back from the web page, everything is noted by RankBrain. Accordingly the #1 position is being given to the page.

RankBrain takes few things into consideration to give you #1 position:

  • The dwell time that is the time the user spending in the page to read the article.
  • CTR or click through rate which needed to be boosted to rank higher.

Help for you to build up the new action plan based on these factors

Now with this changes let me help you plan your SEO strategies for this year:

  • Mobile-first indexing is on first priority

Make your web page compulsorily responsive as Google is using this feature of your webpage for indexing and ranking. So if you are thinking of switching until now, don’t think, just do it. Now if you are concern of the mobile version, then I must say any of them is fine.

Remember, mobile –first indexing does not mean that the mobile is the only consideration. Mobile and desktop both are considered in this option.

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That this point as the basic one for higher ranking of the web page.

  • Speed of the page

The desktop loading time has been one of the factors considered for ranking. Along with it, last year the mobile loading speed was also been added with it.

So now you have to consider both the speed for a good ranking. Till now the meter was technical and the speed was given based on that.

But the tricks have been brought at this point. The speed I now considered based on users experience and not in metrics. The measurement is taken based on the real time loading time for the users. So make a change to the strategy at this point.

  • Ranking based on brands

Google is now using the brand signal for ranking the web pages. It has also mentioned this parameter in its algorithm too. So now it is high time you focus on branding now. Make a change in the action plan and meet the need that branding need. Try to get more attached with the clients and help them solve all queries. Check out for positive reviews. Also backlinks are still important. So don’t give it a miss in your new plan.

  • General data protection regulation or GDPR

That is very important and Google is also concentrating on this serious issue. it is all about the data protection which are being shared by the users for continuing the online business. It has already been in practice in the European Union.

Companies should comply with GDPR and should update the privacy policy which should follow the GDPR policy. Also revise the cookie consent form. Explain the information you collect and why do you do it and where do you store them.

  • Amazon search

Well, it is not a universal search engine but having an algorithm similar to Google. But this is very popularly used inside the internal pages of Amazon web page.

Buy why you consider it when it is not a universal engine?

That is because, many people still now get directly into the Amazon pages for buying anything. Inside the Amazon they search the product or the service. So it is very important to follow the rules of the Amazon rankings to get noted here.

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The research says, nearly 51% people do so through Amazon. It will be the Google of E-commerce very soon.

To get industry specialized, do the keyword research. It would be helpful. Rank track of Amazon can help you to do so.

And don’t forget to make your web page user friendly one.

Images should be of high quality one which makes attractive web pages.

Don’t dare to ignore the backend keyword or specifically the Meta tags in Google. It would denote the specific items for a specific keyword.

Again, make the customers happy with their reviews and give attention to their complaints. As told above, this is now considered important for the ranking of the web page.

Let’s take the new actions

So you have to make an entire new action plan for the year ahead. Track the plans as told above and make the necessary changes. Without these you will not be able to get into the trends of the ecommerce.

And why these new trends? Well for big change for this New Year. Well but the list does not ends here. Millions of changes are again expected in this year too. so you need to keep the basic plan ready and start the journey. Hope it would be a great year ahead with #1 position. Let’s do it with big changes and consider each of them.

Hoping that this article is quite useful for you. Please feel free to share any of your thoughts on the New Year SEO plan strategy. I will love to have them for the best result.

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