How to change the look of your home without spending much

How to change the look of your home without spending much

Every once in a while we feel like changing the way our home looks. But do we always have lots to spend? NO! So how you make changes without spending money or by spending little? For the starters, let us tell you that this is pretty much possible. You just need to bring out your creative spirit and utilize the things you already have.

Easy ways to make your home look different

We list a few interesting ways to make your home looks different from how it has been for a while. Choose the ones you think works well for you and add some more ideas of your own:

  1. Wall graffiti

If you love the concept of wall art you can try creating your designs. Choose a space that you can work on and splurge out your creative self. If you know someone who does wall graffiti you can ask them to do it for you. Someone you know might charge you less or take kinds in return. You can think of a particular theme and work on the rest of the interiors accordingly.

  1. New covers for sofas and chairs

The most common way to change the look of your home is to change covers of sofas and chairs. If you are planning to go ahead with a theme, this can be a really cool option to try. Add elegance or make it quirky, but don’t forget to blend it right with the colors of your walls. You can also try out pastel colors if your rooms get the right level of sunlight.

  1. Change the photo frames

Most of us tend to have a wall full of pictures of ourselves and our loved ones. Have you considered changing the frames or replacing them with newer pictures? You can also change the position of the photo frames to revamp the look. If you haven’t ever added photo frames you can add some now. They are not expensive to buy or make, and all you need is quality prints to add inside.

  1. Swear by DIY

DIY is definitely one of the cheapest and quirkiest ways to improve your home setting. There are several craft videos streaming online to take reference from. You can make use of so many things with that you already have in your home. Just look around and see how you can make things look different. For example, paint the empty glass bottles and add fancy lights or turn them into plant pots.

  1. Discard old things
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Look around your home and see what are the things you don’t use or you don’t like to keep anymore. Get rid of old things that have no productive value but take up space. When you let go on old things, you de-clutter your house. You can always add new things, but if you don’t, you can definitely have more space to yourself.

  1. Spend on fancy things

From bar accessories to shiny coasters, you can spend smaller amounts of money to make a lot of difference. You can even create many such fancy things that you might not get at the store. These colorful accessories can make your house look pretty and unique. If you simply look at an object and think of accessorizing it, you will get an idea. For example, you can always design a nice table cloth or create a television cover. Note that every part of your house reflects the overall interior, so it all matters.

  1. Exchange old furniture

There are several online websites that let you sell or barter furniture. You can post an ad and say that you will like cash or kind against old furniture and choose something for yourself. You might like a piece of furniture that someone else owns and is ready to exchange with you for yours. Just be sure that the item is worth using and gives you similar value to what you’re exchanging.

  1. Brighten up your soul

If you’ve never added plants to your balcony because of space, you must reconsider. There several effective plants that can give you several health benefits. For example, plants like aloe vera reduce stress, improves the air around the environment, and more. Spider plant is a type that fights with environmental toxins and makes you feel light. The peace lily is a beautiful type that relieves stresses and makes you feel happier.

  1. Buy things you wanted to add
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If you’re cutting down on most expenses, it is smart to invest on things you always wanted to own. For example, an antique wall clock, a fancy bathroom mantel, a bar zone, and so on. There can be a particular section you want to work on and it is good to invest in that area. It can take time but you can save up for your desire.

  1. Make yourself a den

Every family must have a room that they can call a den. It is usually the creative and entertainment space that lets you unwind for both work and pleasure. It looks different from the rest of the house and takes you into a different world altogether. You might shift your music and television set to that room and also order comfortable sofas sets to relax. Giving yourself that space can make a lot of difference in your mental well being.

Every part of your house reflects your mind and the vibe your carry along. A messy room often reflects a person who doesn’t have things organized. You can always be that person, but when you start de-cluttering your environment, you will see clarity in other things.

The most important tip from here is definitely where we ask you to discard things you don’t need. Give them to people who might need those more than you and have space where you can work on. You don’t need to make changes overnight – instead, take it one step at a time and see how your house keeps looking different every now and then.

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