Where to fly down for Christmas holidays?

Where to fly down for Christmas holidays?

Christmas the most beautiful time of the year because everyone celebrates the festivities. It clubs in the happy times of a new year coming our way and makes it all the more exciting. Irrespective of religion or belief, Christmas is a time where everyone comes together to celebrates happiness and joy of life.

Since this time is a holiday for most people and children, traveling to a destination can be ideal. Here, we will give you the best places you should visit during Christmas time to make the most of the festivities. Christmas is largely celebrated all across the globe, but definitely, there are few places that go beyond anybody’s expectations.

Best destinations to celebrate Christmas

Check out the best places you should be for the Christmas holidays:

  1. Bethlehem

We can’t deny that festivities often leave out the real essence of Christmas. If you’ve never experienced Christmas in the place where it all started, you can plan a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Christ. The lively Manger Square and the lit up Old City on Christmas Eve is worth your time. You need to be at St Catherine’s Church for the midnight mass and have the most memorable and meaningful Christmas.

  1. Malta

Visit Presepju for nativity scenes and explore the beauty of Malta at Christmas. Residents proudly open their shutters every year to display the holy crib to the public. You can experience people sharing the folklore and enacting the story of Christ’s birth or head to Downtown Valletta to indulge in the lively festive spirit. Don’t miss out on the lighting of the Republic Street and the décor of the Malta Toy Museum.

  1. Finland – Santa Claus Village

Giddy up… giddy up… for Finland’s Arctic Circle when you can’t have your children get over Santa. You will find the jolly man suited up in red and go from one neighborhood to another to share gifts and joy. You will find the apt wintertime snow, reindeer-dotted forests, and the perfect touristy atmosphere to celebrate. You must visit the Santa Park that is close to the village and munch on local treats.

  1. Dublin
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Come over to the staunchly Catholic Irish of Ireland and honor Christmas in the most novel way. You could start with a morning swim a Forty-Foot sea-water pool and then hit the Dublin streets for a hearty feast. Visit Docklands for the famous Days of Christmas Market and then listen to the carols at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

  1. New York

New York is one of the most common places where people wish to fly down to for Christmas. The famous ice rink, the decorated tree, the perfect English breakfast, is some of the highlights we can’t miss.

Come over to the southwest corner of Central Park to find vendors selling gifts, snacks, clothes, at the Columbus Circle. Explore the Holiday Market and buy the best fashionwear and go through exclusive Christmas window displays.

  1. Barcelona

If you can manage Christmas holidays right up to Three King’s Day (6th January), you will have an exciting experience. Meet the three wise men as they port on Santa Eulalia and watch cannons fire and fireworks set off. The mayor will hand the keys to this city and the audience will experience the gift of the Magi. It is an exciting time filled with parades across the streets. People wear quirky costumes and keep the tradition alive.

  1. Nuremberg

The famous Christmas market of Nuremberg in Germany pulls more than 2 million visitors every year. The highlights include the famous wooden Ferris wheel, stream train, carousel, and more.

The kids will love the traditional handmade toys that you can also buy as souvenirs or showpieces for your home. There are amazing displays that are award-worthy and you’d pass them by as you munch on some spicy gingerbread. Don’t miss out on the mulled wine when in Nuremberg!

  1. Vatican City

You can think of yet another pilgrim to kick off your Christmas celebrations in the right way. The magical Eternal City is beautifully lit up during Christmas. You walk through the alleys and find people greeting each other in merry and eating roasted chestnuts at every corner. You can head to the St Peter’s Square and then explore the grandeur of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. The most important place to be is the St Peter’s Basilica for Midnight Mass.

  1. Queenstown
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Paint yourself in red and green, and add a bit of white when you’re in New Zealand. The ruby-red full of Christmas tree, white sandy beaches, and green kiwis are the perfect blend you need. You can join Santa as he surfs around in the warm temperatures of summertime or slays on a jetboat with your family. Don’t miss on the hearty Christmas lunch full of lamb, chicken, and seafood.

  1. Tokyo

Not many know, but Christmas in Tokyo is quite lit! Since New Years is extremely important for Japan, even non-Christians embrace the year-end full of celebrations. You will find stores decorated and lit up, you’d find feasts happening everywhere. If you’ve always wanted to come to Japan, Christmas time can definitely add to the impact. Make sure you taste the special fried chicken followed by spongy cakes full of cream and strawberries.

Every country tries to turn on lit and beautiful during the festive time. You must ahead to your favorite destination to enjoy the cultural mix and for the festivities. No matter where you stay, there is an essence of Christmas to explore. You simply need to lighten up your spirits and help everyone in the family feel the happy vibe.

Now it is time you pack your bag, book your tickets, and fly off to the best place for Christmas. Make sure you don’t forget the main essence of Christmas that revolves around the birth of Christ. The story that gave us hope and brought us closer to God and faith is the most essential aspect that we must remember.

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