Strength training for motorbike riders: Everything you need to know

Strength training for motorbike riders: Everything you need to know

Motorcycling as a sport has long been an exciting choice for many. The adrenaline rush and the beckoning roads often tug the hearts of many macho men and women. Just the thought of riding on an adventure motorbike can send that excitement down the spine! It is a sport that is enjoyable and thrilling and yet strenuous and that needs muscle building and strength.

Every rider needs some basic exercises to strengthen oneself. While regular stretches and workouts are absolutely great, what every motorbike rider needs is strength training. According to WebMD, strength training not only builds up your muscles but also burn calories.

Improving your strength, endurance and mobility will help you to eventually improve your riding. That is why we have brought you a few tips on how to get yourself strength trained for your upcoming motorbike rides:

  1. Push-ups for Chest strengthening

Chest strengthening will help you to endure yourself in harsh environments. The push-ups will also target secondary muscles such as the upper back and shoulders.

You could use the floor or better still bench press or even dumbbells to achieve this effect.
Strengthening your upper body overall would give you a better benefit rather than focusing on just one part. Dirtbikes, adventure gears are quite bulky and heavy and need a strong upper body to navigate them.

Another exercise for strengthening the upper body is to practice pull-ups. Though pull-ups are not always easy, once you start you will get used to them and you will be able to pull off even 20-25 pull-ups in one go. You will also be aiming for your biceps, forearms, and middle back as well in this exercise.

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2. Band hip adductions for inner thighs

Thigh muscles are an important area to focus on for strengthening your body. For any motorbike rider, legs strength is needed as he/she relies on the legs to change the body position and also to control the bike. Thigh strength training is necessary as it increases both stability and endurance.

One necessary thing to remember is that you need ample flexibility so that you can contort your body as and when needed and also to widen your legs when you need to make drastic turns. You need flexibility also in your shoulder areas to operate different controls. Your entire body needs to be in sync.

3. Deadlift to strengthen the lower back

Strength training for motorbike riders: Everything you need to know

Deadlifts help to strengthen the lower back. Research has shown this strength training exercise has made significant improvements in the lumbar muscles, along with a 72% decrease in pain scoring. It has also made it possible an approximate of 76% improvement in disability measurements. This exercise also targets the hamstrings, the quadriceps, the forearms, and the glutes.

4. Crunches for the abdomen

Strength training for motorbike riders: Everything you need to know

The importance of the abdominal crunches is that they help to tone the core muscles of the body. Along with strengthening the core muscles, they help in improving the posture as well as in increasing the mobility and flexibility of the muscles. These exercises will help build muscle mass and also to enhance the density of the muscles.

5. Supplements

Strength training for motorbike riders: Everything you need to know

Apart from the above much necessary exercise routines, you also need to support yourself with some good supplements that would boost your energy level. Many times doctors do prescribe anabolic steroids for people diagnosed with anemia or those men who cannot produce enough testosterone on their own. Anabolic steroids in that sense are more of a supplement than a drug.

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Creatine supplements are another popular supplement. It is believed to enhance muscle mass which eventually helps athletes achieve instant strength. Researchers believe that creatine is a natural substance that actually turns into creatine phosphate in the body. This creatine phosphate then produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). What athletes and sports personalities rely on is the energy for muscle contractions that this substance provides.

However, make sure that you take the anabolic steroids or the creatine only on the doctor’s prescription so that you know the required dose for yourself.


Go ahead! Enjoy your favorite sport and get yourself equally equipped with the above tips.

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