Joy Of Missing Out: Pune Edition

Joy Of Missing Out: Pune Edition

The joy of missing out is all the rage nowadays, but what is the Joy Of Missing Out really? It is the comfort of missing out on things and not participating in the rat race going around. Going ahead at your own pace without the fear of missing out. Here is a guide on Joy Of Missing Out In Pune:

Miss Out On Expensive Vacation

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and go to an exotic location when living in Pune. You can go for a short weekend trip to a destination around Pune. Pune has multiple sweet vacation spots just a few miles away from the city. An easy and cheap way to enjoy your vacation.

Miss Out On Owning

While you scroll down on instagram or any other social media platform, you might see people buying or owning things like cars, houses etc. Instead of fearing about not owning anything, let’s embrace the art of renting: renting appliances furniture, cars and even houses. You can either spend all your money on showing off, or you can embrace the joy of renting and invest the surplus money in high return equity stocks or markets. There are multiple renting opportunities in Pune from furniture at rent, to good houses, you can get everything within your budget.

Missing Out On Going Out

Even though Pune has a lot of good clubs and bars, you can always opt out of the night life and look after your mental well-being by staying at home. You can brew some nice coffee, get some mawa cake from Pune’s popular irani cafes, and sit back and enjoy a good book.

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Missing Out On Expensive Dinner

A good dinner doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. In Pune, you can find good dinners at the best price. Pune has a range of delicious street food which you can enjoy. There is everything from traditional food to fusion delicacies.

Missing Out On Urban Trends

Pune is known for the new and young crowd, but if you don’t fit into that bracket don’t worry because Pune is also equally rich in culture and history. You can explore old Pune and the many monuments of Pune. You can trace the history and cultural significance of the city over a good weekend.


You don’t have to fear missing out on anything when living in Pune, despite all the new and cool things happening around you. Pune is an equally good place to find a balance for the mind and body. With the amazing weather and culture, you can really slow yourself down and go at your own pace. When living in Pune, embrace the journey instead of just chasing the goals. It is a lovely place to discover and rediscover yourself.

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