Selecting First-Rate Wood Flooring: 8 Important Queries To Consider

Selecting First-Rate Wood Flooring: 8 Important Queries To Consider

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Making the decision to overhaul your floors is just the first step. The second lies in choosing the right type of flooring. In this case, you’ve gravitated towards wood flooring. This is a great idea since you’ll find plenty of stain and wood choices out there. Wood flooring, when it’s installed properly, will also last you for a very long time. With that said, you still need to know these eight important things, courtesy of dallas wood floors, before you make your final decision.

1) There Are Different Types of Wood Flooring to Choose From

The two main types of wood flooring are solid and engineered. The former consists of solid planks of wood that are laid over your subfloor. Engineered wood can better hold up to moisture. There’s also laminate, which consists of pieces of particle board that has been fused together with a thin layer of solid wood on top.

2) What About Pricing and Installation?

As we explained above, there are three different types of wood flooring. Each is available at a different price point. Laminate is the least expensive and the easiest to install, while solid wood is the most expensive because it’s tougher to work with and must be installed in a very specific way.

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3) Does It Matter Which Species You Choose?

Wood flooring is made from many different species of wood. While the overall type doesn’t matter, since it all holds up the same, you might want to pick one that appeals to you. Certain types of wood are darker in color and have different grain patterns. It all depends on the look that you want.

4) What About the Finishing Process?

When you purchase your wood flooring, you’ll be given two options – factory finishing and in-home finishing. The latter means that the wood is stained and finished in your home, instead of in the factory where the planks were cut. You have more customization options with the in-home finishing.

Selecting First-Rate Wood Flooring: 8 Important Queries To Consider

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5) Order More Flooring Than You Need

Make sure to order around 10% more flooring than you think that you’ll need. You might end up with a few cracked boards or mis-cuts, and the extra wood prevents the installers from having to go to the store in the middle of the process.

6) Molding and Trim Matter As Well.

The molding and trim need to match your flooring, so it makes sense to purchase them at the same time that you buy everything else.

7) Allow the Wood to Acclimate

Did you know that wood flooring needs to acclimate to your home before it’s installed? The boxes of planks should sit in your home for around 24 to 48 hours before you start putting it in.

8) Does A Wood Floor Require Special Care?

According to the experts at dallas wood floors, your wood flooring will be very easy to care for. All that you need to do is sweep it with a soft broom, wash it regularly, and refinish it when needed.

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