Here’s How You Can Spend Christmas, The Australian Way!

Here's How You Can Spend Christmas, The Australian Way!

The most-awaited Christmas season is fast approaching, and the world can’t resist the excitement fuelling the atmosphere. And while others are fantasizing and chasing after a white-washed and cold Christmas, Australia, the land down under, is often celebrating it the other way around.

So, if you wish to experience Christmas the Australian way or you simply want to know how Aussies celebrate and spend the said season, then you’ve landed on the right page. Figure out the unique and fun Australian Christmas here or discover it personally by yourself by visiting the world’s largest land, and smallest continent, Australia!


You’re may be one of those millions of people who picture Christmas season like a Winter Wonderland and with every piece of magic and fantasy you can get in your dreams – roads and streets are covered in white, snowflakes keep on falling, and people still trying to beat the cold weather by looking fashionable with layers and layers of winter coats.

However, in Australia, the Christmas season is way more different – hot yet as thrilling as it can be. It’s double the fun since it’s also the beginning of the summer season holiday! Aussies experience the cheerfulness of Mr Sun and Ms Clear Blue Sky at the same time. They celebrate Christmas wearing the most comfortable clothes they could get in their cabinet. So, if you aren’t in a little favour of spending Christmas season with thick clothes, and cold weather, then Australia is a perfect place for you.


Unlike any other countries all over the world, Australia is evidently spending the Christmas season extraordinarily. Other countries are very particular with going to the mass with the whole family on Christmas Day, wherein, Australians rarely seen doing that. Though there are still a good number of families who go to church to say their thanks for having each other on Christmas.

However, Aussies are also fond of Christmas trees, Christmas bushes, Christmas lights, Christmas wreaths, and any other colourful things to light up the whole town and paint it with a “Christmassy” atmosphere. Though Australians celebrate Christmas in a unique way, they still know how to spend the season to the fullest.


Due to a hot climate that may reach up to 35⁰C, bushfires are very rampant around the beautiful land of Australia. The firefighters are used to and some are getting used to spending Christmas season away from their loved ones and being out there and everywhere saving people and communities who are experiencing bushfires.

So, yes, bushfires are part of coming into the Christmas season the Australian way. If you will make time to visit the lovely country one Christmas day, don’t be very shocked by witnessing such bushfires since it’s a commonly scary kind of thing in the place. Just call the firefighters’ hotline and thank them enough for doing their job thought it’s a “family season”.

Here's How You Can Spend Christmas, The Australian Way!


The land down under is surely doing their best to have the best Christmas season of their lives. And the phrase that says, “Good food, Good mood” isn’t a big deal to them, because it’s a really big deal!

Your Christmas in Australia won’t be complete without these foods on the table: Pavlova, Prawns (it’s prawns, not shrimps, okay?), Christmas crackers, Australian barbie (Aussies’ slang for BBQ), and a lot more seafood and great food on the table. So, now that you’ve had a little introduction of what you might be able to fill your tummy with when you celebrate Christmas in Australia, would you be ready to dare?


When you say Christmas Season in Australia, Carols by Candlelight will be one of the best things to describe it the Australian way. It is done with local bands which are held in different cities around Australia and are also broadcast on TV. It is held on Christmas Eve at Myer Music in Melbourne and Carols in the Domain.

Upon performing Christmas Carols, most of the songs are revised to special Australian words since most Christmas songs are all about snow and the cold winter weather which contradict the kind of Christmas season in the land down under. The attendance to this Australian tradition typically reaches 70,000-100,000 people and 2million awesome television viewers!


Since summer and Christmas seasons share the same spotlight in Australia, it means that Christmas day is often celebrated outside the cosy home. Due to the hot weather, the Aussies choose to go visit one of the best beaches in the land down under.

So, if you will visit Australia and would want to spend Christmas the Australian way, make sure to find yourself a spot in Bondi Beach (Australia’s most popular beach) and wear those cute Santa Hats while making most of the “beat-the-Christmas-heat” vibe. You can do the Aussies’ most loved activities such as surfing, swimming, kayaking, diving, drinking ice-cold beer, and making BBQ that’s perfect for the hot weather.


One of the most loved-to-do during Christmas Season is the opening of presents, of course, who wouldn’t love that, right? Well, Australia is one of the countries to get a chance to open Christmas presents in the world! It’s 11 hours ahead of London and 16 hours before New York, isn’t that fun?

Here's How You Can Spend Christmas, The Australian Way!

Since the Aussies are the first ones to get their Christmas presents on Christmas morning, this would be very much interesting feeling to try, isn’t it? This will be a lot more favoured for kids and also for those who are kids-at-heart. So, once you decided to experience the Australian Christmas, would you share your presents with us, bet you would!


No matter how big the land of Australia is, it isn’t a hindrance to stop Aussies from celebrating the Christmas day with their families. In fact, it’s one of the things that make them come home no matter how far the travel will take.

Christmas season is the season where Australians make the most of their time to let their family feel their love. Also, it’s the time where they spend most of their happy days together with the people that really matter to them or might as well say the people that make their Christmas merrier. But don’t worry, if you have no family to visit in Australia, you’re free to choose from their nicest hotels to stay and spend your days and nights during your stay in the magnificent continent.

Here's How You Can Spend Christmas, The Australian Way!

So, how would you want to spend your Christmas this year? Are you planning to fly to Australia and feel the magic of their celebration? Hmmm, once you get there, let me know what you think about your lovely and spectacular experiences, okay?


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