canon inkjet printer

canon inkjet printer

Whenever we talk about canon printers then only one name strike on our mind that is CANON.

Canon inkjet printers are one of the best multifunction printers which are available in the market that serves for both the home and office users. Canon printers are easy to operate and very easy to use in daily work and we know that it is a machine and machine needs services from time to time. There are many types of printers we will discuss them all here and explain each one of them.

  1. Laser Printers
  2. Solid Ink Printers
  3. LED Printers
  4. Business Inkjet Printers
  5. Home Inkjet Printers
  6. Multifunction Printers
  7. Dot Matrix Printers
  8. 3D Printers

Inkjet Printers:– The best printer ever made that is all rounder and these printers use liquid inks to make the marks on the paper sheet and we know about day to day technology and these models can print sharp text in a very quick manner and color photos which they provide are of superior quality onto the paper size that will up to the A3 Page. There are many inkjet Canon printers that can print on the CD and the quality of these Canon printers are super. The inkjet printers cover all the things which a user requires that is why these printers are very popular for home users.

Now, come to the main point that is a cost that every user will consider while printing in ample amounts of sheets. As these are very costly to run to print the photos. We know inkjet is expensive but we get to know inkjet printer quality is very good compared to other companies and the price is relatively less compared to others.

Mostly all the inkjet printers work in all the colors but you will be sure that one you are buying that has the feature to use the separate ink tanks for each for its four colors that are cyan, yellow, black and magenta. That makes easy and very economical to each one color when it will evaporate quickly.

As these are some basic types of Canon Printers but we are going to study about the Canon Inkjet printers and has launched its series as per the different names and we will discuss only for Inkjet printer series.

  • BJ series
  • PIXMA series
  • S series
  • I series
  • MultiPASS Series
  • BJC series
  • SELPHY series
  • SmartBase series

Now we will discuss on the PIXMA series of Canon Inkjet printers that it Create very high-quality documents and photos and it provides very fast printing. That is the key point of this.

Some features of Canon Inkjet Printers are

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1 Wireless Printing:-

The Inkjet printer that has the special feature of the wireless printing. A user can do printing wherever in the house and just give the command in the mobile phone and the printing process will be started and there we will be the very quick result a user will get in this. It has very easy connectivity there will be no problem to the user while connecting it to Devices. Just download the app and connect it to your Canon printer and that will enable you to fast printing in very little time,

2.Cloud Printing:-

To Enjoy the freedom of print from cloud services and scanning – A can user can directly do it from his Canon printer or the device you are using for your Canon PRINT app, without the need for a PC. It also provides instant smart printing features.

3 Software:-

The software installs in the Canon printer that helps the user to simplify photo printing and artificial intelligence are also embedded in helps the users to organize images and helps the users to give access to exclusive online services. The canon inkjet devices give you outstanding and Superb print quality and this software will inspire you to do creative design. Now You can rediscover the lost memories in a few steps just print your photos and make your memory save for the upcoming future, that includes photos from Facebook and google photos and Instagram photos and it will also help you to scan the documents in a very easy way and also helps to create PDF files

4 Quality and Speed:-

Whenever we are talking about the quality there is always one name that comes in our mind that is Canon and these printers use very unique printhead and ink technologies that help to deliver very high-quality photos and documents at speed.

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5 Efficiency:-

The efficiency of Inkjet Canon printer is that it helps to wastage of paper and it works more in very less time because time matters because our time is precious These printers are designed for reducing the energy consumption and use to minimize the paper and provide better results.

How to use/ Install canon inkjet Printer:-

Step 1

  • Firstly we will go to the Standard Connection method that is a very easy method. In this for the windows users, in the first step, a user has to put the CD that you received with your computer and also run the setup and if you don’t get the CD then You have to download it from the official site of Canon that will help you to download the software
  • *If you are A mac user then a screen will appear then type your password to allow the helping tool to be installed then Clicked on it.
  • Then An initial screen will appear then click on the Button(NEXT).
  • Make sure that Your print is on and make sure that the power button is turned on.
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Step 2.

  • Firstly click on the Connect on the network.
  • Now a screen will appear, then click on the cableless setup. For the Windows users select on the wireless setup using the cable that will appear on the screen
  • You will see a screen appears with the connection via cableless Setup now this time just hold down the Canon printer wifi key and the orange lamp will start to flash 2 times then after that release the second flash. That will help you set up the canon inkjet printers
  • Just confirm that Blue wifi lamp flashes quickly and there will be a green power lamp is little light showing then click on the next button.

Step 3

  • There will be the following screen appears then select your region, and then click on [Next].
  • Then select your place of residence and then click on [Next].
  • Then select the software you wish to install and then click on [Next].
  • Then click on the [Yes] button to conform to the end user license agreement.
  • After that type your Canon printer and the name (or SSID) of your wireless network.
  • Then on Final Click on complete.
  • Then, Select [Set up network connection via USB], then after that click on [Next].
  • Then, connect your Canon printer to your computer using the supplied USB cable. This is the cable with the symbol on the connector.
  • Once your Canon printer has been detected, then the screen will appear.
  • When the following screen appears, click [Allow].
  • Then, disconnect your printer from your computer and click [Next].
  • Now your printer has been detected, the following screen will appear indicating the name of the access point that your computer is connected and there will be “xxxxxxxxxxxxx” is to be shown.
  • Hence the Setup has completed and the canon inkjet Printer has attached to your computer.
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