6 Things You Should Keep for Baby

If you’re planning on having more than one baby, don’t forget to keep a few essentials. Quality baby supplies will help after the birth of your second child. When you keep the best infant products, you’ll save money. You’ll also know that the items are high-quality.

You can reuse everything from your baby girl and baby boy clothes to nursery furniture. The following list offers inspiration for what to put in a storage unit or closet. Then, when your newborn arrives, your family will be ready for its newest adventure!

  • Quality Baby Clothes

Go ahead and save your gently used baby boy or baby girl clothes for your second child. These include quality, comfortable essentials like footed pajamas or Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits. Your cotton baby clothes can stand the test of time when you follow their laundry care instructions. You can even save casual two-piece sets if they still feel vibrant and durable.

More cute clothing to save for your second child includes romper sets and baby dresses. Consider keeping coats and baby jackets, as well as warm sweaters or baby cardigans. Some parents can save baby swimsuits or seasonal accessories like swim hats.

Don’t forget to check your first child’s denim jeans or khaki pants. You’ll love seeing your new baby in familiar outfits. You’ll also have peace of mind that they’re cozy and comfortable.

  • Crib or Bassinet

Cribs and bassinets are among the more expensive baby items, so set them aside for your second child. You’re sure to save money, but you’ll also jumpstart your nursery décor. Since you’re familiar with the bassinet or crib, you’ll also have plenty of style inspiration from your first baby.

Make the bassinet feel new with a unique sheet set. Or adorn a used baby crib with fresh sheets and a decorative blanket. You’ll be familiar with the furniture while having fun with a fashion-forward look.

  • Baby Travel System

Baby travel systems usually include an infant car seat with a matching full-size stroller. Many people get them as baby shower gifts because they’re convenient for traveling with a newborn. While they’re quite popular, they’re also considered a more expensive baby item.

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When your first child gets older, you can give it away or sell it. However, keeping it for your second baby can have its perks. You’ll be prepared for your baby’s first car ride, which takes an essential item off your to-do list. As a bonus, you won’t have to shell out money for a new car seat. You’ll be ready for walks as a family and know the system works. Being familiar with the travel system is another way to save time.

  • Baby Shoes

Some baby shoes are worth saving. These include adorable styles like suede moccasin-style shoes or cute keepsakes like baby dress shoes. Of course, you can save some in storage for looking at later. You can also keep the most durable footwear for your second child.

Families will love saving styles like chambray shoes or sandals. Seasonal looks are worn less often, so they may still look good on your second baby. Take a second gander at suede booties and faux suede boots, which could help to keep your newborn’s feet warm. High-top baby shoes and other on-trend looks are also worth keeping. If they’re still in good shape, leave them in the nursery closet!

  • Blankets or Quilts

Baby blankets are useful for as long as they stay durable. Many of them are made with high-quality material so you can use them for years to come. Look through the best plush blankets and quilts. You may even have a security blanket to pass on to your little one.

Many garments will pass your quality test, but feel free to swap out receiving blankets for new ones. If you want something unique and special, you can buy a personalized blanket with your second child’s name on it. Customized gifts are always heartfelt. As a bonus, they keep you from mixing up the kids’ bedding.

  • Baby Toys
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You’re sure to have toys to pass on to your second baby, but skip items like teethers. At the same time, your first-born child may still want their plush animals. Instead, stick to goods like play mats and play gyms. You can also reuse travel toys and musical instruments.

If you already have a baby mobile, consider adding it to your newborn’s nursery. Other excellent items to keep include puzzles and stacking cups. Give them your first baby’s rattles and car seat mirrors. Before you pass them on, check to see that they’re still safe and unbroken. Storage bins and cubbies can help hide baby toys in living rooms and nurseries.

Preparing for Your Second Baby

Before you go shopping for baby #2, look around your home. It’s helpful to know that you can reuse everything from baby cribs to plush blankets. You can also breathe new life into cute items like baby shoes and infant clothing. This efficient approach to your baby supplies will save you time and money. You’ll also narrow down what you need for your newborn.

Families will always need new infant clothing and baby supplies. However, doing a little upcycling will make a difference. You’ll organize your household and do your part to help the planet. Your first-born baby will love seeing their items on display. You’ll also delight those who gave you baby shower gifts.

It’s always wonderful to see your baby’s clothes and furniture last. As you use items for your second baby, you’ll see which products are the most versatile and durable. Pay it forward and pass on recommendations to friends. They’ll appreciate knowing about quality baby supplies.

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